Certified Tobacco Educator

The Tobacco Reduction Program is pleased to partner with the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care in the development of the Certified Tobacco Educator Competency Framework and learning units that will allow health professionals in Alberta to be eligible to write the credential exam. There are 5 AlbertaQuits pre-requisite learning units required prior to writing the exam:

  • Tobacco Basics
  • Tobacco Cessation Pharmacology
  • Intensive Tobacco Intervention
  • Applied Tobacco Intervention
  • Foundational Health Educator course.  

Certificates from all learning units are needed including the status of having a degree or diploma in a recognized healthcare profession. Additional comprehensive tobacco education training that meets the CNRC competencies may be considered. Contact CNRC directly to determine if your training qualifies. 

The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) offers the national Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE) exam in Alberta biannually. The five learning units above and a final case-based assignment are to be completed as pre-requisites for the CTE Exam. This is necessary to be eligible to write the CTE exam.

A case-based assignment must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the exam. This case-based assignment provides valuable feedback to you on whether you have integrated the Tobacco Educator and Foundational Health Educator competencies prior to writing the exam. As this assignment is not a separate course you will not receive a certificate to send to the CNRC. The assignment can be downloaded here.

All pre-requisites e-learning units should be completed at least one month prior to registering to take the exam. It is the participants’ responsibility to send all required certificates to CNRC when registering to take the exam. For more information contact CNRC directly.

Should I buy the CNRC Tobacco Educator workbook?

The AlbertaQuits learning series of free e-learning courses and workshops cover all of the competency areas required for the CTE exam. However, if you would like to have a physical resource to reference when studying for the exam the CNRC Tobacco Educator workbook provides a study guide for all of the tobacco educator competencies and a reference book as you implement tobacco reduction initiatives into your daily practice. This workbook can be ordered from the CNRC in Ontario through their online store.