QuitCore Facilitator Workshop

Module Description
QuitCore is a free group cessation program with a minimum of six sessions during which individuals are provided the tools, skills, and strategies they need to quit smoking or using other forms of tobacco. These sessions provide participants an opportunity for participatory shared learning and group support for their journey to be tobacco free. The groups are led by health professionals and this unit provides health professionals with orientation and information needed to effectively deliver a QuitCore group cessation program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the program structure of QuitCore and AlbertaQuits framework
  2. Discuss how to incorporate adult education principles into effective facilitation
  3. Describe effective instructional practices for use with groups
  4. Review and Practice how to deliver each of the QuitCore Sessions
  5. Review cessation medication (prescription and NRT) information for QuitCore participants
  6. Review nutrition and active living information for QuitCore participants
  7. Discuss the role of Mentor support and the Facilitator toolkit

Format and Time Needed to Complete this Unit
Classroom - 1 day

Target Audience
Health professionals with interest and experience in group facilitation.

Prerequisite Module(s)
Individuals who are interested in becoming facilitators will need to have completed training such as TRAC, PCCLS tobacco cessation core training, or the CAMH TEACH program, prior to attending QuitCore facilitator training. The workshop is offered free to health professionals from AHS and non-AHS settings. Please note interested professionals will need a letter of support from their manager/supervisor to confirm they have support to offer the program once trained.

Once a QuitCore facilitator is trained the AHS tobacco reduction program (TRP) will provide all QuitCore Facilitator, participant, and support manuals, resource materials and mentorship support.

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